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5 Tips For Finding A Reliable Block Management Company

Managing a block of apartment is obviously more challenging than an individual property. Here are five ways to ensure you find the best block management company for your needs:

1. Communication – Ensure that they deliver first-class communication. You want a team that will be transparent and always keep clients informed of the latest developments. Cadmus Property is always highly efficient at responding to enquiries residents.

2. Block Management Specialists – Pick a company that has a good understanding of the latest H&S, compliance and building insurance information. All of these come guaranteed when you choose our block management services, which include obtaining insurance valuations, competitive insurance premiums, handling leaseholder queries and much more.

3. Transparent and competitive fees – Find a company that offers a variety of packages. Located in London, Cadmus Property Group offers both a basic service that’s only admin based, and premium ‘full’ service that’s ideal if you need all elements of Block Management services. The leaseholder portal provides leaseholders with useful documents and statements. Integrity, transparency and clear communication are important to use at our agency in London.

4. Feedback – Make sure they will manage your block efficiently at all times. One of the best ways to find a company is by checking out their reviews online or via word of mouth. The team is always willing to listen to clients feedback.

5. Management Style – Find a company that visits your building and is proactive with issues.

Cadmus Property carry out regular inspections and highlight issues as soon as possible. With a very hands on approach and our ticketing system, they are able to keep track of issues and update clients accordingly.

If you’re looking for a block management company in London, discover more reasons to choose Cadmus Property Group or simply get in touch today.

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